Architectural Design
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We are one of the best energy inspectors.

Our company undertakes the drafting of energy studies with KENAK and also energy audits.

Αναλαμβάνουμε την ενεργειακή αναβάθμιση του κτιρίου σας για να μειώσετε τις καταναλώσεις σας.

Σας συμβουλεύουμε και υλοποιούμε το πρόγραμμα ΕΞΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΩ ΚΑΤ’ ΟΙΚΟΝ.

Documents required:

  1. Full details of the owner
  2. Land and Property Register code number or an official statement and the code number of the property for the ones that have been incorporated in the Land and Property Register

  3. Top view (plan showing the ownership)
  4. Topographic plan (if available)
  5. Construction permits for building built from 1983 and onwards
  6. Electromechanical projects (heating) if available
  7. Insulation study (if available)
  8. Boiler maintenance sheet
  9. Copy of an official statement of the unauthorised building or of the add – on space (shoud either exist)
  10. Contact details

In case you do not have all necessary documents, we undertake to procedure to gather all the copies needed from the Town Planning Service or we print your property.


<<Home Energy savings>> Program

The renewed program "Home energy savings" provides the subsidizing energy saving interventions for all legal residences across the country, regardless of the year of built.

The conditions to be included in the program are:

  • The owners must meet the banks' solvency criteria for the specific project (up to € 15.000 per residence)
  • · The residence must be located within a price zone that is lower than or equal to €2,100 / square metre(as they have been formed before 31.12.2009)

  • Must have been classified, on the basis of the Energy Performance Certificate, into a category that is lower than or equal to a D category
  • · Τhey have not been scheduled for demolition. The owners must have the right of ownership (full or rain) or usufruct

The program is addressed to owners where the percentage of subsidy is based on declared income (income criteria):


During the financial year 2011 (income for the year 2010), to have:

  • For the mainly benefiting category (70% Subsidy and 30% Non-interest bearing loan for 3 years) with personal income under € 12.000 or family income under € 20.000.

  • For the second benefiting category (35% Subsidy & 65% Non-interest bearing loan for 3 years) with personal income from €12.000 up and until €40.000 or family income from €20.000 up and untiλ € 60.000.
  • The third category beneficiaries (15% Subsidy &85% Non-interest bearing loan for 3 years) with personal income from € 40.000 up and until € 60.000 or family income from €60.000 up and until € 80.000.

Possibility receiving a 4/5/6-year loan, with or without a guarantor, without underwriting property direct loan repayment without charges, and payment of suppliers / contractors through the bank without the involvement of citizens.

Please note in order to enter the Program 40% advance of the budget is provided.

The works to be done can be included in the Program and will notified after further planning and recommendation by the Energy Inspector (the cost of which is covered 100% by the program after the successful implementation of the project) and will cover only the following three categories of interventions:

  1. Replace frames (frames / windows) and place shading systems.

  2. Indicative refers to placement of thermal break frames, double glass windows, replacement of front door (detached houses), etc.

  3. Installing insulation οn the shell of the building, including the roof house, roof and pilots.

  4. ΑUpgrading the heating system and hot water. Here we can include:
  • Install new or replacement boiler / burner system by using gas or other renewable energy sources

  • Installation of autonomy

  • Installation boiler automation (automatic operation control system)

  • Install solar systems.

For the actualization of any intervention no permit is required, not even the approval of minor construction work, with the exception of rather exclusive cases.

The maximum of interventions, including VAT (which is the budget for the program) may not exceed € 15.000 per property.

For example. A citizen with a family income of € 35.000 for € 10.000 works to be done budget, enters a 5-year loan in June 2012 amounting to € 6.500 and receives grant to balance € 3.500. The installment of the loan is about € 110, while the interest will be charged for the period 01.01.2016 -1/7/2017 is about € 80. Moreover, it covered the cost paid for the energy audit and the project consultant is paid.