Architectural Design
and Civil Engineering Works

About me

I was born in Kaisariani in 1957 from Asia Minor parents (Ioannis Esangeleas – Eleftheria Paspati).

My career started in 1980 after receiving the Civil Engineering diploma from the National Technical University. Since then I am an active member of the TEE.

So far I have undertaken the study and supervision of a very large number of projects.

Between 1980 - 1981 I worked as a designer in studies COMPANY "A.D.K. Consulting Engineers', where I temporary quit to do my military service to the Engineer as pioneers Civil Engineer until 1983.

From 1983 to 1989 I worked as an Inspector for the Works for O.E.K (Workers' Housing Organisation) and at the same time I also worked as a Technical Advisor at Pamvourliotiki building society (1983-1995).

In 1992 I founded the Technical Company ADVOCATE Bros OE – ANEGERSIS, together with my brother (Odysseas Esangeleas), where drafted the planning and supervision for the construction of the mentioned projects.

In 2001 I founded the Technical Company ADVOCATE Bros OE – ANEGERSIS Public Consructions, where drafted the construction of the mentioned projects.

In 2002-2004 I was a member and scientific advisor of Kaisariani Municipality Committee for the Restoration Program in the area of refugee dwellings and in 2009 served as Technical Director of Panormos Tinos Community.

I also served as Deputy Pamvourliotikis, President of the Fifth year Civil Engineering NTUA and Vice President of contract OEK officials.

I speak English – French. Since 1989. I am married to Paraskeuvi and we have a son together, whose name is Ioannis.